THW Tribe

The 'THW Tribe' welcomes all who wish to join a movement to support impact entrepreneurship in rural Africa and beyond.


The 'THW Tribe' is an interactive community hosted on the WhatsApp platform where members and partners are free to share their 

KEI (Knowledge, Experience, Insights) amongst each other.   The 'THW Tribe' hosts WhatsApp chat rooms to provide an easy communication tool between our KEI members, ambassadors, SDG partners and Plant a Business partners.  Each chat room is dedicated to a specific topic as listed in the description of each chat room.  

  • How to join the 'THW Tribe' community?

You can join the 'THW Tribe' in one of two ways: by signing our Manifesto or by subscribing to become a THW KEI member, ambassador or partner.

Once your registration has been approved by our admin, you'll be automatically added to the 'THW Tribe' community. Just remember to add your mobile phone number in the registration form if you want to join the THW Tribe community with the provided mobile phone number. 

  • How to join the 'THW Tribe' chat rooms?

The individual 'THW Tribe' chat rooms can be found in the community section of the 'THW Tribe' on the WhatsApp platform or by simply scanning the QR code below associated with each chat room or by clicking on the QR code to access the URL link.

THW Tribe Chat

Welcome to the THW Tribe Chat room. The aim of this general chat room is to connect with each other through this WhatsApp chat.

THW Fundraising Chat

Join the THW fundraising Chat room to share your crowdfunding KEI with our SDG partners. 

THW Mother Chat

Join the THW Mother Chat room to learn more about the use of the Mother products and the future of hydroponics. 

  • How to join the 'THW - SDG Partners' community?
The chat rooms of the 'THW - SDG Partners' are hosted on an independent THW WhatsApp community platform to provide a clear overview.
The individual information regarding our SDG Partners and their projects can be found through visiting the dedicated 'SDGs Projects' sections on our website. To gain access to the 'THW - SDG Partners' community, you must first become a member of the 'THW Tribe' community.