About Us


We visualize a future of universal happiness, where everyone's actions create an improving balance of social and monetary outcomes that is not only possible but necessary for themselves, their families, communities and societies.


To unlock the potential of people around the world through entrepreneurship, by inspiring them with ideas and systems. This will allow every individual, regardless of their financial means or region, to contribute to their community in a world that is constantly changing and interdependent.


Together with African partners, we are expanding 21st-century entrepreneurship initiatives to rural Africa and beyond. Our goal is to promote economic transformation by providing access to essential resources and financing options to local businesses. We strive to empower the community and drive sustainable growth through innovative solutions and strategic collaborations. Join us in our mission to create lasting impact and drive progress.

Podcast with our founder Pol Hauspie (Dutch)

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Read all about our KEI-volunteers, STEM Cells and Plant a Business activities in our our annual magazine the Happiness Way:

The recent publication contains the following topics:

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    - Service Yezu Mwiza - Burundi

    - Cadicec - DR Congo

    - Jesuit Urumuri Centre - Rwanda

    - Stemcell members - South Africa

    - KEI Medical - KEI Education - KEI Entrepreneurship

    - Plant a Business - Orakel