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We warmly invite your entrepreneurial KEI (Knowledge, Experience, and Insights) to assist THW and its partners achieving their business aspirations. Your highly valued expertise will play an integral role in enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their business aspirations into a reality.
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THW ambassador

Embrace your African heritage and advocate for our cause. Share your comprehensive network of rural roots to foster unity and understanding. Together, we can combine our efforts to generate distinctive opportunities while effecting a lasting transformation. 
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SDG partner

Register your social welfare organisation within THW network to collaborate with like-minded organisations. This will provide an unique opportunity to work together towards common SDGs goals to promote sustainable happiness in your local community. 
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Plant a Business partner

Take control of your life through our Plant a Business (PaB) collaboration.  Enhance the impact of your business and gain access to our global network, coaching, courses, personal support and more.. We assist with the seeding, planting, and growing of your impact business
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"Discover how we make a difference"

  • We bring inspiration and encouragement.
  • We make entrepreneurial KEI available to you.
  • We empower organisation to have a positive impact
  • We aspire and support the funding for your project.