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02.01.24 15:37 Comment(s) By THW

At "The Happiness Web," we strive for transparency and efficiency in our project management. 
We ensure that a maximum of the donated funds go directly to the SDG Projects, with no deductions for general expenses. 
We create separate bank accounts for each project and offer donors the right to access and consult these accounts, giving them visibility and influence over how their donations are utilized.

We believe that collaboration and transparency are essential in philanthropy. 
Therefore, we work closely with stakeholders to identify and prioritize investments and necessary expenses. 
We aim to use resources efficiently by making direct payments to suppliers, ensuring that funds are utilized effectively.

We invite you to learn more about the SDG Projects and consider supporting these significant projects.

At "The Happiness Web," we greatly appreciate the contributions of our donors, and as a token of gratitude for early supporters, we offer three options: naming rights, recognition on social media, or real anonymous donations.

Let's join forces to make the world a happier place, one project at a time.
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