Uganda - Enhancing job opportunities by teaching practical skills

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Project Description

Many young people who have left school in northern Uganda encounter several difficulties. These difficulties encompass scarce learning opportunities and a high rate of joblessness. A lack of vocational skills and practical training restricts their capacity to obtain well-paying jobs or a stable source of income. To tackle these issues and enable young people, this project suggests a complete vocational skills training program.

  • Training Programme: Create a complete training programme that covers different trades like carpentry, tailoring, agriculture, cooking, and information technology. People involved in the economy in this area, including employers and industry experts, will help us to design the programme, based on the area's economic demands. 
  • Training Venues: Set up or make use of current training venues in suitable spots throughout the northern region. These venues will have new resources, tools, and equipment suited to hands-on training. 
  • Skilled Teachers: Hire experienced teachers in vocational training who will provide excellent instruction and guidance to the attendees. The teachers will not only teach technical proficiency but also provide education in life skills and entrepreneurship. 
  • Personal Development: Include training sessions on communication, problem-solving, financial literacy, and leadership development to enhance life skills. These sessions will empower young people with crucial life skills essential for personal growth and resilience. 
  • Working with Local Businesses: Establish relationships with nearby businesses to offer work experience, apprenticeships, and jobs for young trainees. These connections will guarantee a smooth move from training to work. 
  • Checking Progress: Put in place a strong checking system to evaluate the project's effect on employability, income, and personal growth. Frequent evaluations will lead to program enhancements and accountability.

The project will mainly benefit young people who dropped out of school and come from less privileged backgrounds in the northern region of Uganda, aged between 15 and 25. We plan to carry out the project for a year, and may extend the time-frame depending on the results and sustainability efforts. This project aims to provide at least 500 young people who have dropped out of school with valuable job-related skills, which will increase their chances of finding employment and generating income. The project aims to contribute to poverty reduction, social inclusion, and community development.

Project Location
Uganda, Northern, Lira

Project SDGs goals:

no poverty - quality education - gender equality - reduced inequalities
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