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Democratic Republic of the Congo - APV
The mission of APV is to help create a cohesive community where individuals are healthy, educated, informed, autonomous, and charitable towards one another, promoting a united and developed Congo.
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Benin - Support for those who are most in need.
A charity committed to supporting the people from rural areas in the Atacora region to have a brighter future.
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Rwanda - Involving those who benefit in decision-making to resolve their issues.
Through its six projects, it aims to solve the problems of poor nutrition, adolescent pregnancies, and providing assistance to vulnerable young mothers.
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Kenya - We believe that we can save lives.
We provide vulnerable girls and young women in urban slums with the opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to become self-sufficient and positive contributors to society.
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Uganda - Save lives and fight poverty
Help women survive cervical cancer, save girls from child marriage, provide young people with the right practical training to enter labor market.
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Uganda - Enhancing job opportunities by teaching practical skills
Many young people who have left school in northern Uganda encounter several difficulties. These difficulties encompass scarce learning opportunities and a high rate of joblessness.
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Uganda - Construction of protected wells for spring water
To improve the management and functionality of water points, with increased access to safe water and basic sanitation services to enhance the health and well-being of local communities.
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Burkina Faso - Expansion of a medical centre
We would like to draw your attention to "Le Centre Médical Diocésain Mgr. Zéphirin Toé," an inspiring project in need of support.
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